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The Department is headed by the Head of Department and assisted by the Senior Members (academic staff) who are assigned various responsibilities for the smooth running of the Department. The General Office of the Department is run by an Administrative Assistant as Secretary assisted by a Messenger Cleaner

The Department of Physics is located on an approximately 1½-acre compound bordered to the north by the Faculty of Pharmacy, south by the Engineering Workshop and east and west by the Faculty of Engineering and Chemistry Block.

Physics is perhaps the most fundamental branch of all the sciences.  The science of Physics has since long been divided into Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat, Electricity, magnetism and Optics. These divisions now form the pillar of all researches into the theories of nature, structure of matter, atomic and nuclear Physics.

We have offered courses including Mathematics, Optoelectronics, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, Basic Instrumentation and Measurement,
Materials Science, Thermodynamics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Medical Physics, Geophysics, Electronics, Spectroscopy, Solid State Physics and Environmental Physics since the inception of the Department in 1961.

Over the years we have succeeded in realising our sole mission of producing high calibre and competitive physicists who do not only contribute immensely to the development of the country but also fit very well into the global physics community.  The bulk of all physicist produced in the country are from this Department as exemplified by the almost 80% Physicists at the Atomic Energy Commission who trace their roots from here.