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Welcome to our department As our department name suggest, we do physics here for national development and of course for a living too.  So what  is physics to the ordinary man?


A good dictionary would define physics as the “study of matter, energy and the interaction between them” The word ‘Physics’ comes from the Greek ‘Knowledge of nature’ and in general, the field aims to analyze and understand the natural phenomena of the universe. It is sometimes referred to as natural science. Scientist of all disciples makes use of the ideas of physics, from chemists who study the structure of molecules to paleontologist who try to reconstruct how dinosaurs walked. It’s the foundation and superstructure of all engineering and technology of today. No engineer could design any kind of practical device without first understanding the basic principles of physics involve, To design a spaceship or a mouse trap, one has to understand the basic laws of physics. 


The other reason why we study physics is curiosity. You will find it challenging, sometimes frustrating, occasionally painful, and often richly rewarding and satisfying. It appeals to our senses of beauty as well as our rational intelligence. Our present understanding of the physical world has been built on the foundations of ideas laid by scientific giants such as Galileo, Newton, Maxwell and Einstein and their influence have extended far beyond science to affect profoundly the ways in which we think and live.  The science of Physics has since long been divided into Mechanics, Acoustics, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism and Optics. These divisions now form the pillar of all researches into the theories of nature, structure of matter, atomic and nuclear physics.


The Department of Physics is located on an approximately one and a half acre compound bordered to the north by the Faculty of Pharmacy, south by the Engineering Workshop and east and west by the Faculty of Engineering and Chemistry Block. Over the years we have succeeded in realizing our sole mission of producing high caliber and competitive physicists who do not only contribute immensely to the development of Ghana but also fit very well into the global physics community. The bulk of all physicist produced in Ghana are from this Department as exemplified by the almost 80% Physicists at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) who trace their roots from here. We are poised to be the preferred premier Department in the college of Science of this University.


We invite you to join our department to help push the frontiers of nature and technology with our dedicated Professors across their specialties. To our propepective students, feel free to contact us.