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Research Groups

Research Groups of the Department

1. Advanced Material Technology (AMT)

Research areas:

  1. Synthesis and Characterization of materials e.g. a) Nanomaterial, thin-films, multiferroics b) Polymers, zeolites, metals etc.

  2. Device automation and Telecommunication

  3. Renewable energy systems and technologies

  4. Modelling and simulation: MultiPhysics, MultiScale and Machine learning of a) Complex fluids mechanics and b) Mechanics of solid materials


2. Nuclear and Biomedical Physics (NAB):

Research Areas include:

  1. Medical physics,
  2. Radiation and Health Physics, Radiotherapy Physics, Radiation Detector Physics,

  3. Radiobiology and Radiation Health Effects, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Oncology Reporting and Incident learning,

  4. Environmental Radon Assessment (indoor and outdoor), Radon Toxicity (soil, water)

  5. Biophysics

  6. Nuclear Materials and Neutron Activation Analysis

3.Geophysics (GEO):

  1. Petrophysical and well logs analysis for hydrocarbon potential estimation and reservoir characterization

  2. Seismic hazard studies

  3. Terrestrial impact craters

  4. Geophysical exploration and mineral prospecting

  5. Hydrogeology (Groundwater, subsurface, surface and soil water content)

  6. Mapping and quantifying complexity of geophysical systems and

  7. Modelling and simulation


4.Meteorology and Climate Science:

Meteorology and climate science is a unit within the Department with three main research groups as follows:

  1. Climate Modelling, Land Use/Land Cover and Hydrology (CLIMOLL HYDRO)

  2. Atmospheric, Surface Observations and Climate Impacts (ASOC)

  3. Boundary Layer Processes (BLP)


Areas of research include:

a. Remote sensing and modeling of atmospheric processes

  • Trace gas measurements towards climate and pollution monitoring
  • Radiation flux measurements and impact on meteorological variables
  • Validation of satellite products over West Africa
  • Understanding the hydrological cycle

 b. Understanding Climate Change and its Effects

  • Climate change and health
  • Climate change and agriculture
  • Climate change and water resources
  • Trends and variabilities in temperature and precipitation

 c. Synoptic Observation and Nowcasting

  • Measurements of rainfall, temperature and other meteorological parameters in collaboration with the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet)
  • Understanding meteorological processes influencing weather and climate over West Africa