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Structure of the Undergraduate Programme in Physics


  • The undergraduate programme in physics is of four (4) years duration. The students are awarded B. Sc (Physics) after successfully completing the programme.


  • From year one to year two, the students take the same common core courses in physics (PHY), chemistry (CHEM) and computer science (CSM).


  • In addition to these, they do Communication Skills (ENGL) and French for Communication (FC) in year one.


  • In year two, they take English Literature (ENGL). However, in year two, French and Economics are electives (that is, they choose one of them).


  • About twelve (12) years ago, the Department re-structured the Physics programme to allow students to have more in-depth knowledge in some career-focused areas, by choosing these as areas of specialization from the third year onwards. However, the students still do the core courses in physics in the third and fourth years allowing them to graduate with BSc (Physics) but with specialization in the area that they have chosen.


  • The new curriculum of the Department seeks not only to make our trained graduates more job-oriented but also excellent collaboration between industry and the Department.


  • Therefore in year three, the students take courses in their areas of specialization which are the following:


  1. Physics with Material Science
  2. Physics with Electronics
  3. Physics with Biomedical Physics
  4. Physics with Geophysics
  5. Physics with Computing


  • In addition to courses in their areas of specialization, they still take common core courses in physics.
  • In year four, they continue to do courses in their areas of specialization and also take core courses in Physics to enable them qualify primarily as physicists.



Job Prospects for BSc (Physics) Students


Graduates of the programme can be found at the following places:

Geological Survey Department of Ghana

Ghana Meteorological Agenccy (GMet)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Ghana Standards Board

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Telecommunication Services Companies

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC)

Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC)

Mineral Exploration Companies

Groundwater Exploration Companies

Ghana Education Service

Some NGOs and the Private Sector

Private Enterprises/Entrepreneurship

Ghana Armed Forces /Police Service, CEPS/ Immigration, etc.

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Ghana Health Service

Public and Private Universities