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TIDEKIT Group Unveils Hope in Keta's Battle Against the Sea

Wed 13 Mar 2024
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In a community engagement event held at Agblor Lodge in Keta, Volta Region, on February 2nd, the TIDEKIT (Protecting the Coast and Heritage of Keta Using Integrated Geophysical Methods) project team from KNUST and the local community members gathered to address the pressing issue of coastal erosion affecting Keta and surrounding towns. The event, organized under the banner of the TIDEKIT project, headed by Dr. Cyril Boateng, the PI of this groundbreaking project provided a platform for knowledge exchange and community involvement.


The session commenced with an introduction by the Master of Ceremonies (MC), emphasizing the importance of adhering to meeting rules. Prof. Wemegah, an associate professor at the Department of Physics, KNUST and a team member of the TIDEKIT Project set the tone with a welcome address, shedding light on the challenges faced by Keta and outlining the community's role in the TIDEKIT project


Dignitaries, including Prof. Leonard Amekudzi (Provost, College of Science, KNUST) and Ing. Rex Edekor (a former project Engineer for the Keta Sea Defense project), shared valuable insights in the meeting discourse. Prof. Amekudzi, who happens to be a native of the town, recounted personal experiences with coastal erosion, while Ing. Rex delved into the history of the sea defense system in Keta.


Dr. Cyril Boateng introduced the TIDEKIT project, underlining the significance of community contributions. The audience was encouraged to engage with students working on the project. Following this, individual introductions paved the way for a deeper connection between the community and the project team.

The MC facilitated audience participation, with community members sharing personal experiences and concerns. Insights ranged from folktales about coastal erosion to observations by fisherfolks on when and how the sea behaves. They also expressed the wish for the Keta community and the rich heritage of the community to be preserved.


The Municipal Planning Officer (MPO) of Keta, Mr. Awunyo, provided updates on ongoing projects and shared insights into the seasonal nature of flooding. Other community members, including Miss. Ruby Adukpoh and Mr. Godknows from NADMO, highlighted the need for research and collaboration.

Suggestions for estuary protection and scientific methods were discussed. Students from local schools shared their knowledge, and the CEO of Agblor Lodge discussed his personal efforts to combat erosion, including collaboration with international experts in this regard.

The TIDEKIT Community Engagement in Keta provided a platform for dialogue, fostering a sense of community collaboration in the face of coastal erosion challenges. As discussions continue, hope emerges for sustainable solutions to protect Keta's shores and preserve the community's way of life. The event marked a significant step in the ongoing battle against coastal erosion, uniting researchers, community members, and stakeholders in a shared commitment to the resilience of Keta.