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From Adinkra to Algorithms: KNUST Seminar Decodes Ghana's Heritage with Artist Ibrahim Mahama

Wed 13 Mar 2024
Mahama i

On March 21st, 2024, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Department of Physics, along with the College of Science Seminar Committee, hosted a captivating seminar featuring world-renowned Ghanaian artist, Mr. Ibrahim Mahama. The aptly titled "Decoding Ghana's Heritage with Art and Science: From Adinkra to Algorithms" drew a packed audience to the Allotey Auditorium of the Aboagye Menyeh Complex. Participants from various departments and visiting university community members were eager to hear Mr. Mahama's unique perspective.

Art and Science

Mr. Mahama didn't just speak – he showcased! The audience got a glimpse into his artistic journey through a presentation of his captivating works. He also delved into the inspiration behind his famed Red Clay studios in Tamale, offering a window into his creative process. But Mr. Mahama's message transcended the canvas. His inspiring talk encouraged students to embrace their dreams and explore the exciting possibilities that emerge when science and art collide.

Art and Science

Professor Kofi Ampong, Head of the Department of Physics, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Mahama for his thought-provoking presentation and his dedication to inspiring the next generation of creative minds. Professor Ampong also hinted at future collaborations, leaving the audience eager to see what artistic and scientific marvels might come next from KNUST.

This energizing seminar served as a powerful reminder that innovation thrives at the intersection of disciplines. It's a testament to the power of Ghanaian ingenuity, and hopefully, just the beginning of a fruitful partnership between science and art at KNUST!