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Quantum Computing Workshop

Thu 11 May 2023

 The Department of Physics, KNUST, KNUST, in May 2023, is organizing a 5-day intensive program with the motivation to introduce students to the interdisciplinary fields in Quantum.


Registration link: 
Deadline: Sat, 6th May 2023

Facilitators, Speakers and Assistants: Henry Martin, PhD, MIMA Dorcas Attuabea Addo, AMIMAOfosu EmmanuelFarai MazhanduBrian IngmansonMike NelsonDr. Peter NimbeShannon MujeraKenneth Olisa Isamade, Dr. Dr. Sathyaprakash Palaniyappan, Leonardo Ratini, Ryan HillRichard AssiamahChristopher Bruce Konu