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HOD welcomes Freshmen!!

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Head of Department's Welcome Message

To our freshmen, you are all warmly welcome to our noble Department, feel free, relax and enjoy this moment as a Physicist. You are at the right place and at the right time, although some of you might not have chosen Physics during your application process or perhaps you selected it merely to satisfy the minimum courses you ought to choose. Whichever the reason, by force or by divine intervention, you are here and that is what matter now. I can assure you, you have made a very important decision, or given a good choice and we are here to help you reach that point.

My first assignment to start with is this: THINK OF ANYTHING THAT IS NOT PHYSICS.

We offer the following elective programs: Physics with Computing, Physics with Electronics, Physics with Materials Science, Physics with Biomedical Physics, Physics with Geophysics and Meteorology and Climate Science.

I am pleased to inform you that, the physics we do here in this great Department is for the development of our country. No country in the world has developed without scientist or physicist. Look around you, there are more technology to meet your eyes, from your smart phones to notebooks, your home appliances and the list is endless. None of them could be made possible without Physics! Physics is the foundation of every human life and activity, and in short it is our life support system.

As you will get to know soon, this department successfully designed and fabricated Microbial Fuel Cells or Battery which uses waste water and clay to generate voltage up 1.5 volts. Those solar traffic lights you see around were produced in this Physics department. Soon you will begin to design wonderful gadgets by yourself.

Our Department has consistently ranked best in the comity of Departments in the university and the best in the country, ie 1st in 2016, 2nd in 2017 and 3rd in 2018 and 2019. Almost all Physicists in Ghana link their root to this Department. Fine professors here, they will teach you and you can trust them for that.

Our Professors and teachers are your parents and will help shape and mould you as Ghana’s next generation of scientist, for the future belongs to you. Yours is to take the advantage to learn and delve into things you think you do not know. You can do any graduate studies of your choice after your undergraduate work. Learn new skills and look around to find solution to problems. The world is full of problems and we need young and bright people, like you, to solve them.

My honest advice to you all is this: commit yourself to learn and learn well by achieving a Good Class. This would propel you further to your future life.

There are many things to learn and experience, for this place is a universe on its own. Everything is possible here. Please try as much as possible to avoid the following distractions:

  1. There are people that come as crusaders; you as a person is not the target, but your pocket. They play nice music and make you dance and lose your head, but you pay for it. Next they make you believe that the campus is all full of demons, but you have to pay to be fortified. Again, you are told, all that you learn here shall not take you anywhere except you start thinking of heaven now. But you have to pay for it.

  2. It is about films and movies, in the name of Premiering some packaged Concert parties. But you have to pay 20 to 50 cedis to watch. Check your pocket.

  3. Also, there are many gambling joints around, betting joints close by. You are told everybody is a winner. You may be the next victim. Please avoid these and others.

On behalf of Senior Members, Senior and Junior staff, we congratulate you for your admission and wish you a very successful stay in our Department and in the University.